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Groove Ferguson

Never, get out of the car.

15 February
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I wish I were Borg.

2001: a space odyssey, 30 seconds to mars, 311, 41down, ada, aliens, ambience, anime, arion salazar, art, astronomy, balloons, bass, btbam, bullmark, burger king, calvin and hobbes, cheers, cheese, clear minds, cream soda, crystals, data, david gilmour, dead poetic, dean guitars, deftones, dog fashion disco, donnie darko, e.t., eels, egypt, embodyment, enterprise, experimental music, factory 81, fear factory, female jazz singers, funk, galaxies, genitorturers, george thorogood, glassjaw, god forbid, goth chicks, guitars, helium, hot tea, incubus, indiana jones, interstate '76, jazz, jeri ryan, killswitch engage, les claypool, living sacrifice, lost prophets, mars, master of orion, mellowdrone, metalcore, metallica, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, miranda, mmorpgs, monoliths, monster magnet, mood music, motivational music, mr. bungle, mudvayne, myst, natural redheads, nebulae, neptune, nick at nite, norma jean, obelisks, onesidezero, orion, paranormal, pink floyd, plastic spoon, powerman 5000, primus, psychadelia, puppies, pylons, rage against the machine, redheads, refused, rob zombie, shayla, snapcase, snowboarding, solid state records, soul embraced, sounds of nature, space, spaceman spiff, spain, spanish people, star trek, starships, static-x, structural integrity, sumter, sunflower seeds, synths, tea, the borg, the cosby show, the labyrinth, the mars volta, the x-files, theme parks, third eye blind, threes company, tom aragon, tomahawk, tool, ucf, ufos, underoath, video game music, video games, weber state university, weezer, white zombie, wormholes, xenia seeberg